Minutes 5-30-2007

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FDC Weekly Meeting

Date: May 30, 2007

Participants: Daniel, Simon, Brian, Kim, Roger, Fernando

Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 6, 2007 @ 1:30 p.m.

New Prototype Cathodes

 - We are awaiting word from CCT (June 4 deadline) about whether they
   can produce our cathode boards.  In the mean time, Brian is pursuing
   leads (old and new) about other companies that can produce these
   boards (whether they be 1 piece, 2 pieces, or 3 pieces).

Circuit Boards

 - Kim has spent some time working on the STB layout.  We discussed
   design decisions to maximize the space between board area at HV and
   board areas at ground.
 - We also discussed the idea of comformally coating the board after the
   components are mounted.
 - Kim has assumed a two-layer board so far (with 3 STBs and 3 HVTBs) and
   has been working on lay out from the solder pads to the resistors.  Still
   work to do to lay out the traces from the resistors to the connectors to
   see how much real estate this will all take up.  The nominal design is
   a four-layer board.
 - Kim still has to layout the busses for the daughter board (power, threshold
   voltage, etc).
 - Kim was also asked to make the solders pads for the sense wires shorter
   than for the field wires as suggested by Karen Kephart for easier
   visual checks.
 - Fernando provided an update on the HVPF boards.  He actually talked to
   the person who invented the material/process who is affiliated with
   Sierra.  The material is actually a composite of Kapton with a film
   material.  He stated that this is indeed a real board material and in
   fact Hall B appears to have a board in hand (or will soon) for testing.
   We agreed that this is a board material that we would like to study
   via a prototype for our HVTBs and STBs.

FDC CD-2 Document

 - No progress on the Monte Carlo in the past week.  DSC talked with
   David Lawrence after the meeting and he will talk to Elke regarding
   priorities and what is definitely needed for CD-2.  If this is rated
   high enough priority, he can try to modify the GEANT geometry files
   to perform the momentum resolution studies.  Richard Jones is delayed
   on preparing the geometry files due to some personal issues.

Magnetic Field Tests

 - DSC contacted folks at IUCF, they have nothing usable at the current
   time.  Simon will talk to Bogdan in Hall A to get a commitment for
   their small silicon detectors as a backup plan.  Brian will contact
   BNL and FNAL to see what they may have available.  Brian will also
   talk to Elke to see if she has any suggestions for contacts in Germany.

Cathode Frames

 - Simon will talk to Paul Brindza regarding magnetic fields and
   carbon fiber.  Should we work to eliminate the carbon fiber in our
   frames for worries about a magnet quench?

Cathode Backing

 - No work in this area.  Brian and Simon will begin looking for lower
   density Rohacell (or other foam materials) that can be used in a 
   foam composite with our existing flat surface HF Rohacell as a
   possible cathode backing.

Work List

 - The FDC short-term work list has been posted on the FDC web site
   (see http://www.jlab.org/Hall-D/detector/fdc/).  This is continually
   being updated and DSC welcomes any feedback or comments from the group.

Minutes prepared by Daniel. Send any comments or corrections along.