Minutes 8-16-2006

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FDC Weekly Meeting

Date: August 16, 2006

Participants: Daniel, Simon, Brian

Next Meeting: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 @ 9:30 a.m.

Tensioned Cathode Planes

   The stretched cathode planes are baking in the oven at ~100 C to
   drive out moisture.  Brian thinks this may be the reason for the
   shorts found on the small-scale prototype.
  - Simon should test the board to see if anything is different now.
  - Brian reported that once the moisture is driven out, it is not
    expected to return.

Gas System Work

   The gas system for the FDC prototype and cosmic chambers are now
   separated.  The Ar/CO2 to the cosmic chambers is now bubbling
   through alcohol at 0 C.
  - Simon should see how the chamber behave and if the noise situation
    is better.

Rohacell Order

   Brian has ordered a sample of Rohacell form (50 in x 100 ft x 5 mm)
   for the cathode plane backing.

Cathode Tensioning System

   Brian has put together the purchase request for the materials and
   labor to make the cathode stretcher for the full-scale detector.
  - The purchase request still needs to be signed.

Ground Plane Design

   Question: What should be the design of the ground planes?  What
   should we use for the dielectric?  What should be the conductor
 - Daniel will ask Gerard and Fernando.

Tensioned Cathodes

   Brian will use real circuit boards for the full-scale tensioning
   tests.  He has been in communication with Chris Cuevas who will
   have someone in his group do the design.
 - We will look into making these ``operational" boards that can be
   read out.
 - How many should be ordered?
 - Frames need to be designed.

PC Board Manufacturers

   Brian should talk to PC board manufacturers.  Can they guarantee
   flatness to our tolerances?
 - Randy Wojcik had identified manufacturers who could handle the
   1 m scale.
 - Brian should follow up on this.

Cathode Board Design

   We discussed a general cathode-ground-cathode mounting and
   design scheme.  Brian should flesh out a plan and discuss this
   next week.

Note: Brian is back to half time on the FDC project.

Minutes prepared by Daniel. Send any comments or corrections along.