Monitoring System Requirements

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DRAFT Table of System Requirements and Comparison
Characteristic LED/fibre LED/wire
Dead/alive or on/off yes yes
Timing check/offset yes yes
Relative gain check yes yes
Linearity check low end (a few times one LED) only low end (a few times one LED) only
Temperature stability yes, temp sensors in box temp sensors in areal spread?
Tower row flashing yes, multiplexer yes, multiplexer
Simultaneously flash both ends no solution yet no solution yet
Location of LEDs input Boxes at outer edge of each module, fibres LED+board on light guide, LPCM in rack
Geometrical constraints mechanical/fragility/replacement are serious concerns none; easy to install
R&D done Some, solution not preferred Extensive, mature solution exists
Cost Not costed quotation exists (getting stale)
  1. Details: Minutes/notes from December 6, 2010
  2. Pertinent information and calculations: GlueX-doc-1645.
  3. Comment: time and temperature stability of system is very important.
  4. Comment: Option of delivering a range of light intensities important (e.g. using various filter settings). Athens will test stability of LEDs at low output (near threshold) to see if this can be used as an additional check point in our monitoring. Double LED system (one UV and one blue) per light guide will be investigated.
  5. Comment: LED system could be very useful for the Start Counter.