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Elliott Wolin 19-Jul-2006

Chris, Serguei Pozniakov (CLAS online group) and I spent the morning in Hall B going over the BCAL test cables. My plan is for Serguei to actually disconnect the CLAS cables and connect them to our patches so there is no confusion when CLAS needs them again.

All the network and terminal server cables are done. Chris should finish terminating the trigger cables (branch, MOR, L1 accept, TDC reference) tomorrow morning. At that time Serguei will patch them in and I will connect them to our equipment in the RadPhi racks. If all goes well soon thereafter I should be able to read out the CLAS tagger crates with our own trigger and our own version of CODA running on our own machine (clonxt2).

Some good news concerning cables in the alcove: we peeled back almost all of the non-LGD cables back to the entrance to the alcove and took inventory. It looks like there are enough 80 ns BNC, 250 ns BNC, and SHV cables with enough slack in them that no extensions will be needed in the alcove. Also, the cables are laid neatly in the trays (thank you RadPhi folks) so that if we needed a few feet more I think we could pull it along the trays from the racks. If so then no patches, connectors, etc. would be needed in the alcove...we would just connect the existing cables to the BCAL PMT's (note that what we do in the racks depends on whether 250 ns is enough delay...more on that in a future note).

My plan (Eric...please comment) is to run the cables in a straight shot from the end of the cable tray at the alcove entrance directly to the cart, tie them off there, then run them both ways along the BCAL to the ends. This should allow the BCAL/carriage to swing without having to adjust the cables. Eric, please comment on how long you think the cables need to be once they reach the cart (the shorter the better!).