November 19, 2014 Calibration BCAL email from Zisis

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From: Zisis Papandreou <>
To: Sean A Dobbs <>
CC: Andrei Semenov <>, Noemi Ochoa <>,
        "Will McGinley" <>, Elton Smith <>,
        "Mark Macrae Dalton" <>,
        Tegan Beattie <>
Subject: Re: [Halld] Calibration WG Meeting, Wed. 11/19 @ 11 AM
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2014 04:49:00 +0000

Hi Sean:

Andrei and I have another meeting at the exact same time.  Perhaps Noemi ca=
n attend tomorrow's meeting.

Briefly, here are the recent activities of the BCAL WG.

- Mark D. has done an analysis of the data in the BCAL extracting the atten=
uation length of the device with its SiPM readout: ~440cm in good agreement=
 with Regina measurements from a couple of years ago using cosmics on a pro=
totype module.
- Will M. is continuing work on pi0 reconstruction.
- Tegan is investigating the BCAL thresholds from data runs.
- Andrei is working on the extract the calibration fADC_integral-to-MeV con=
version coefficients using comparison between external-cosmic-trigger data =
and Irina's simulation of BCAL. Also, this technique will allow us to estim=
ate the hardware thresholds in MeV for every readout channel.

Pieces of all these will feed into the ccdb and I hope soon.

Cheers, Zisis...