November 29, 2007 Calorimetry

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  • The meeting will be held at 11:00 EST (10:00 CST)
  • ESNET No.: 8242553


  1. Previous minutes: November 23, 2007 Calorimetry
  2. Calorimetry Document Preparation
  3. FCAL Hardware/Software
    • Light guide measurements: ongoing
    • Low energy threshold: cosmics/Cherenkov: ongoing
    • Hadronic backgrounds in neutral physics channels: [[ongoing][1]
  4. BCAL Hardware/Software
    • SiPMs: ongoing; brief update
    • Monte Carlo: ongoing: 0.3mm lead sheets, Validation - Fractional energy deposition; nothing to report at this time
  5. FCAL-BCAL Hole: pending
  6. Any other business


Attendees: Matt Shepherd, Beni Zihlmann, Mihajlo Kornicer (Indiana), George Lolos, Andrei Semenov, Zisis Papandreou (Regina)

  1. Documents
    • Calorimetry Document: no progress.
    • Other documents: George has submitted the BCAL Construction and Fiber Quality Assurance documents, as well as the MOU and second draft of Statement of Work (SOW) for the Phase-II SensL contract. George will finalize the SiPM array tests report by the end of the week. Zisis submitted the Hadron 07 Frascati conference proceedings (see GlueX-doc-921).
  2. FCAL Reports
    • A dicussion took place on the Flash ADC resolution. The issue is that it was stated that FCAL needs 400 ps, whereas the FADC gives 4 ns, without the use of fancy discriminators. Richard expressed concerns (offline). The beam bunches and rates were discussed. Mihajlo related experience from RadPhi. Matt will contact Richard to resolve this, and we will discuss it in next week's meeting before communicating our response to Fernando.
    • Mihajlo is checking the Pythia cross sections for his neutrals Reconstruction work (see link).
  3. BCAL Reports
    • SiPM cosmics with G3 array continue. Enough statistics will be available by Nov. 30 to allow for a teleconference with SensL/JLab/Regina in the week of December 3. Other arrays and improvements will be tested next. Phase-1 closure report is aimed for before Xmas. The current arrays will not allow the extraction of number of p.e.'s with reasonable error bars, due to pad-to-pad variations. Nevertheless, the mathematical procedure is being developed for future use. Out of these tests, the amplitude and timing behavior will be examined.
    • Monte Carlo work has commenced on the simulation of 0.3mm lead leading to a larger sampling fraction; other lead thicknesses including hybrid configurations will be investigated.
    • Monte Carlo validation to the beam tests continues with longitudinal and lateral profiles first, and then fractional energgy deposition in layers and sectors.
  4. FCAL-BCAL Hole: it is pending on Richard's task list.
  5. Next Meeting: Zisis will seek out a new time for the remainder of the semester, since Thursdays at 11am does not work for everyone. A notification will be sent out soon.