OWG Meeting 11-Sep-2013

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  • *** Turn on conference equipment ***
  • Announcements
    • Must be done by 3pm to accommodate another meeting in the same room
  • Review of minutes from 14-Aug-2013 meeting
  • Collaboration Agenda
  • Online data challenge update - Dave L
  • Next data challenge - Dave L, Elliott
  • Farm Manager - Vardan, Dave L, Elliott
  • Networking update - Elliott
  • Status of DAQ testing and development - Dave A, Mark D
  • Counting House update - Elliott
  • JInventory database update - Serguei P.
  • Solenoid test update - Elliott
  • EPICS update - Nerses, Vanik
  • Controls update - Elliott
  • DAQ group project status - Bryan, Dave A, Graham, Carl, Vardan
    • EVIO, cMsg, CODA3, ECS/CSS, disentangler, readout list, Java/cMsg GUI
  • Electronics, trigger and DAQ status reports - Chris, Alex, Dave, Fernando, Ben, Ed, William, Bryan
  • Mantis Task Tracker
  • Midas Elog

  • Upcoming topics
    • Translation table
    • raw data, compressed vs uncompressed
    • Calibration/Alignment issues?
    • Status of processing uncompressed and compressed simulated raw data and monitoring/L3 farm - Dave L, Elliott
    • What online projects can other groups take over? - Elliott
    • Status and schedule of Hall D projects proposed to be done by DAQ group - Graham
      • Linux SBC configuration, installation, booting - by Bryan
      • InfiniBand hardware specification, purchase, installation - by Dave A
      • Farm manager CODA component - by Vardan
    • Ed to talk more on FPGA programming


1:30 PM Wed 11-Sep-2013 CC F326


Next Meeting

Not for a while, I'll be out of town and the collaboration meeting is coming up!


Present: Elliott W, Dave L, William G, Beni Z, Sean D, Justin S, Curtis M, Vardan G, Carl T, Yi Q.

Collaboration Agenda

We agreed on the agenda for the Online session at the collaboration meeting.

Online Data Challenge

  • See Dave's presentation for full details.
  • Dave, Sean and Elliott are working on a draft report, should be ready by collaboration meeting.
  • Report will be part of software review in Nov.
  • L3 crashes still being investigated, Dave is working on logging facility to capture error output from L3 processes.
  • Some improvements to build system implemented.
  • Experienced an hdops account "hijack" when .cshrc file got inadvertently superceded by .tcshrc!
  • Paul is looking into actual achieved rates to silo.
  • Next data challenge will start at ROC level.

Farm Manager

  • Vardan will create this.
  • Farm processes will use codaObject library to implement communication with farm manager.
  • Farm manager will be coda component, farm processes will not.
  • Supervisor agent state machine needs to be defined, including error states.
  • Will use kill/restart model instead of prestart/go/end.
  • How to end run problematic.

Computers and Networks

  • Computers should be ready by end of Oct.
  • Tagger fibers installed, work almost complete.
  • Need design and installation contract for hall.
  • Plans in place for interim networking.
  • Need system software configuration and update strategy.


See Serguie's presentation for full details. He is ready to merge his test database with the production database after backing everything up. He inserted many new items, gui's are working, cron jobs are running to update the web drawings, etc.


All TS's and TI's are hear, being tested. Just about all boards are here except the GTP's


Current projects include the HV and LV systems, and the goniometer.