OWG Meeting 29-Feb-2012

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  • Announcements
  • Review of minutes from 1-Feb-2012 meeting
  • Software review 7,8-Jun - Mark, David, Elliott
  • Inventory database - Elliott
    • IRMIS3 - control, power, housing hierarchies
    • CED
    • CLAS
  • New TS - William G.
  • SCONS in CLAS12 - Johann G.
  • Counting house - Hovanes
  • Scaler design and management - Dave, Hovanes, Elliott
  • 12GeV planning lines - David, Hovanes, Elliott
  • Elog and Accelerator division projects - Graham
  • DAQ group - Bryan, Dave A, Graham
    • CODA3, ECS/CSS, raw event file, disentangler, readout list
  • EPICS - Hovanes, Nerses
  • Controls
    • Solenoid Controls Redesign - Yi, Elliott
      • Magnet cold by Nov-2012
      • Fast/slow DAQ, FMEA results
    • Test stand, equipment purchases - Hovanes
  • Beam tests - Alex
  • FDC cosmic ray test - Beni
  • Electronics, trigger and DAQ status reports - Chris, Alex, Dave, Fernando, Ben, Ed, William, Bryan
  • Mantis Task Tracker
  • Midas Elog


1:30 PM Wed 29-Feb-2012 CC F326


Next Meeting

1:30 PM Wed 14-Mar-2012 CC F326


Present: Elliott W, Chris C, Bryan M, Carl T, Graham H, Dave L, Hovanes E, William G, Johann G, Simon T, Vardan G, Eugene C, Vanik K.

Software Readiness Review

Current thinking is that the halls will not make presentations on online systems at the review. Instead Graham will give an overview covering all four halls.

Inventory Database

Elliott reported on the status of reviewing IRMIS3, CED (from Accelerator) and the CLAS6 systems. IRMIS3 is still not ready and graphics in CED is fairly primitive based on our requirements, so the CLAS6 system seems to be the best choice. Elliott will write a report and install the CLAS6 system on halldweb1 next week.

Trigger Supervisor

William described the new Trigger Supervisor module. See his talk for many details.


Johann described how CLAS6 is using SCONS to build production software. He layered a few thousand lines of Python on top of an early version SCONS, but noted that some of what he wrote duplicates what is available in recent SCONS versions. He notes that a rewrite of his code might be a good idea given improvements to SCONS.

Most CLAS6 SConstruct files are just a few lines long and appear in every directory in the code hierarchy. He uses build dirs to hide intermediate files. He writes:

Hi Elliott,
I probably should have mentioned the extensive documentation we have for the build_system. Most of it is CLAS specific, 
but there are whole sections that are not:

Not CLAS specific:

Here is a first attempt at a webpage that helps to create new sconstruct files:

CLAS specific and very detailed instructions:

Counting House

Hovanes reported on progress moving into the counting house. See above for a link to his proposed rack room and power layout. 480V needs to be run to the rack room for the UPS. The rack room has one HVAC return unit connected to both legs of the rack room, we eventually might need to install another unit if the heat load increases too much.

See above for his proposal for node names in the Hall D computing cluster (HDCC). We recently received a Dell server that will be used in EEL 126 as a PXE boot server and raid system.

At this point we ran out of time and were booted out of the room...