OWG Meeting 29-Jul-2015

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Location and Time

Room: CC F326-327

Time: 1:30pm-2:30pm


You can connect using BlueJeans Video conferencing (ID: 120390084). (Click "Expand" to the right for details -->):

(if problems, call phone in conference room: 757-269-6460)

  1. To join via Polycom room system go to the IP Address: (bjn.vc) and enter the meeting ID: 120390084.
  2. To join via a Web Browser, go to the page https://bluejeans.com/120390084.
  3. To join via phone, use one of the following numbers and the Conference ID: 120390084
    • US or Canada: +1 408 740 7256 or
    • US or Canada: +1 888 240 2560
  4. More information on connecting to bluejeans is available.

Previous Meeting


  1. Announcements
    • gluon46 - RHEL7 = RHEL6
  2. RCDB deployment
  3. DAQ system development
  4. AOT


Attendees: David L. (chair), Sergey F., Simon T., Beni Z., Bryan M., Carl T.


  1. gluon46
    • remains at RHEL7
    • has not spontaneously rebooted for weeks
    • will maintain (see next)
  2. Conversion to RHEL7
    • The question continues to come up if/when we will move to RHEL7. Considerations are:
      1. Would like it to coincide with Scientific Computing Farm upgrade if possible
      2. Will give us gcc 4.8 as default compiler which includes C++11 features by default
      3. Appears to solve spontaneous reboot problem seen on gluon46 (and less frequently on other computers)
      4. May solve other annoying issues of "too many windows" or upward dropping CODA menus.
    • Sandy in CC says there may be issue with Lustre filesystem version they are currently upgrading to and RHEL7. She will look into it.
    • Earliest possible beam in Hall-D is Nov. or Dec. 2015. Any upgrade should happen at least 1 month in advance making the target date sometime in September.
    • Upgrading ROCs to RHEL7
      • May give us larger DMA transfer sizes with new kernel (Bryan M. is looking into it)
      • 64bit OS
      • May sacrifice current level of stability achieved with RHEL5 32bit
    • We are leaning against an upgrade of the ROCs at the moment due to the last bullet unless we can find a motivating factor

RCDB Deployment

  • System is basically deployed with the following exceptions:
    • Sean's scripts that insert EPICs values are not yet integrated with Sergey's. They either need to be set up to run at the appropriate CODA state transitions or their contents merged into Sergey's existing scripts.
    • Human (i.e. web) interface is not up. Momentum stopped suddenly 1.5 weeks ago when a question came up about the connection URL that only Dmitry was in a position to answer. He has since been pulled away on another project and has yet to provide the necessary information. We probably need to try and proceed without him.


  • F1TDC still has issues with running at high occupancy. Ed and Alex S. are working on the problem. This prevents us from running at very high rates.
  • fADC125 does not handle running at high rate. Cody was going to provide Sergey with a firmware version that has a modified readout section. This has been written for the forthcoming firmware for the fADC125. The digitization part may not be functioning correctly, but at least high rate readout can be tested. Sergey has not received this intermediate firmware version yet.

Action Items

  1. Install/Merge Sean's RCDB scripts with the existing ones being run by the CODA system. (Sergey, Dave)
  2. Work with Marty to get the RCDB web interface up and working (Dave)