OWG meeting 15-Jun-2007

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  1. Organization
    • Coordinator
    • Wiki page (off Hall D main wike page)
    • Mail list (halld-online@jlab.org, register via majordomo@jlab.org)
    • JLab calendar
    • etc.
  2. Scope of online effort and Online Working Group makeup and responsibilities
    • Discussion of opening section on OWG Wiki page
    • Discussion of role of other groups
  3. Future meeting topics
    • Role of JLab DAQ group in development of Hall D DAQ/Online/Controls system
    • Role of other JLab groups: Electronics, Computer, Accelerator, etc.


1:30pm Fri 15-Jun-2007 Cebaf Center F228


Subscribe to OWG mail list halld-online@jlab.org via majordomo@jlab.org.

Action Items

  • Replace "GlueX" with "Hall D" in wiki pages - Elliott
  • Create task-oriented list of OWG responsibilites instead of existing group-oriented list - Elliott


Attendees: Carl T, Elke A, Elton S, Simon T, Dave Abbott, Elliott W

Elliott was installed as the first online working group coordinator by acclamation. After the group has expanded and has been active for some time, real elections will be held.

Elke requested that "GlueX" be replaced by "Hall D" in the wiki pages. Otherwise the current wiki format was deemed acceptable.

Everyone is urged to join the OWG mail list (see Announcements above).

Lorelei will set up future OWG meetings via the JLab calendar system. Announcements will continue to be sent to the mail list.

Role of OWG

Elliott presented an all-encompassing view of the role of the OWG whereby everything seen by operators and almost everything having to do with running the experiment is the responsibility of the OWG. This is more fully described on the main OWG wiki page. The goal is to ensure that all aspects of running the experiment fall under a single working group so that operators are presented with a coherent environment, and nothing falls between the cracks. This view of the role of the OWG was unanimously endorsed.

The initial OWG main wiki page enumerates the responsibilities of the OWG. This list will be further refined as time goes on. Briefly, the OWG is responsible for L1 and L3 triggering (hardware will be built by Electronics group); data acquisition; experiment and slow controls; logbooks and bookkeeping; all computers, networks, and telecom; event monitoring and display; etc.

Elke noted that as much as possible test setups should use controls and other software we expect to use in the actual experiment.

New Run Control

Dave Abbott described the status of the new CODA run control system and other CODA improvements. The goal is to migrate all three halls to the new run control system by the start of the next running period, at the end of the summer (note that the DAQ group cannot force a hall to upgrade). There are a number of advantages of the new system, which is backwards compatible with existing systems, that the halls may not yet be aware of. A meeting between the DAQ group and the three halls on this topic was suggested.

Task List

On the OWG wiki page Elliott placed a list of groups and their relationships to the online effort. Elton suggested that a task-oriented list would be better, as it would allow for planning, milestone scheduling, etc. He noted that at CD-3 (approx 1 year) we must be at the 100% design level (this led to a brief discussion as to what "100% design" means in a software context, the upshot being that it mostly refers to the software architecture design). Also, all milestones must be demonstrated at CD-4 (a few years off).

Next Meeting

Due to upcoming Lehman and other reviews it is not clear when the next meeting will be held. For the moment we will aim for once per month.