October 05, 2022 FCAL Insert Installation Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Wednesday October 05, 2022 10am At Jefferson Lab, Hall D Counting House and on Teams


Lower step.jpeg
JBweld cooling test.jpeg
Glass module steps.jpeg
Work platform.png
Work platform top.png
Work platform iso.png
Work platform bird.png


  • Discussed lead glass module removal/install
    • Lead glass blocks will be installed as they are now with alternating SS vertical and then horizontal
    • Refurbishing existing module bases is about 1 hour for Malte and Mark, but Chris S. also has to do very delicate work also
    • Students may help base repairs but ES&H input would be needed
    • Since there is no time to design, test and fabricate new bases for the existing modules, we will stick to repairing existing bases
    • The worst bases should be removed in March before taking apart the detector so the repairs can be started
    • More detail needed on existing module refurbish plan
    • Mark D. has database for existing module and will come up with an initial plan for sorting
    • Existing cables that may be used need to be relabeled and put in database
    • Eugene expressed that we should work with the mini FCAL to develop the removal/refurbish plan
  • Cable discussions
    • Fernando expressed that in the tight area, LV cables should not be ribbon cables - 1 cable for each base should be used
    • Revisited signal cable plan to come from downstream wall through patch panel - Mark D. not at previous meeting - seems ok
    • Six patch panels in all for all new cables - need to start designing this for dark room and reinforcements needed
    • Existing I-beam over dark room should handle additional cable weight
    • Need to look at cable routing under platform and come up with a layout
    • Sasha needs to come up with a cable mapping plan to help reach decisions on using existing cables or removing all
    • Chris S. will ship out 1200 signal cables to get terminated
    • Chris S. to get quote on additional 400 signal cables
    • Chris already request quote for 1600 new thin (RG174) signal cables to go from patch panel to detectors
  • Looked at using the existing BCAL install platform on the upstream side of the FCAL.
    • We should probably use this regardless of decision to remove cables from crates
    • Can we use scaffolding on the temporary platform?
  • Discussed insulation vacuum vs. standard - standard foam board ok since delta T is small
  • Discussed monitoring panel design for the crystals in a separate meeting
    • Arshak showed his testing and baseline design
      • Optical fibers coming in on all 4 outer edges (120 fibers for now)
      • 1/2" acrylic sheet in 2 pieces
    • Discussed how to route fibers
      • through holes in FCAL2 step frames - bushings needed
      • route over glass module monitoring panel
      • maybe have fiber connections at upstream surface and install with rohacell backbone and tungsten absorber as an assembly
      • is there 90° connectors for fibers or generous bend radius needed?
    • Discussed supporting outer edges of panel to rohacell for stability

Action Items

  • Send out 1200 signal cables to get terminated - Chris S.
  • Start looking at how to use the existing database for lead glass handling - Mark D
  • Update baseline schedule with additional items discussed - Scot
  • Come up with a written cable mapping plan - Sasha
  • Update 3D model for patch panels - Stephanie
  • Develop cable routing plan under platform - Tim/Scot/Stephanie
  • Check on use of scaffolding on the platform - Scot
  • Continue with monitoring panel design - Arshak, Stephanie, Tim, Keith