October 21, 2021 CPP Design Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Thursday October 21, 2021, 3:00pm Bluejeans https://bluejeans.com/465620466

  • Present - Elton, Dave, Stephanie, Ilya, Rory, Mark S, Beni, Simon, Mark I


  • Minutes from last meeting https://halldweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/September_09,_2021_CPP_Design_Meeting
  • Testing status - Beni/Elton
  • Design/Fab/Procurement status
    • Lead absorbers - out for bid
    • All assembly hardware wither here or due in by December
    • Stand All parts here -assembled in the TEDF High bay
      Cpp stand 5.jpg
    • Steel - all received
      Cpp steel 3.jpg
  • Installation/assy 3D Model and dwgs
    • DS Chamber orientation?
    • Scintillator orientation?
    • assembly components - drawings released
    • Installation drawings in review
  • Target Design in work
    Cpp target1.jpg
    Cpp target2.jpg
    Cpp target3.jpg
    Cpp target4.jpg
  • Things to work out
    • Gas system, manifold/bubblers (Beni has some)
    • Complete structural analysis - approved by Tom Renzo - need to release into system
    • Develop Detailed installation plan
    • Develop Design/operational/Maintenance Requirements
    • Modified US vacuum system
    • Solid target installation
    • Installation drawing including Microscope move
    • CPP Detector operations in Hall D OSP
    • Possible use of nitrogen flow for cooling electronics in Faraday cage


  • Elton stated that the 7th chamber was in testing. 1 of the first 6 had noise. Rory may come after Thanksgiving to repair
  • Discussed moving 2 chambers to the TEDF some time in the coming weeks to test installation onto the steel absorbers. We have straps at JLAB and will load on to pickup truck and drive very slowly
  • Elton will check with Chris Stanislav for sub-D connectors
  • Stand is fully assembled in TEDF, we will install an absorber in the coming weeks to check the installation procedure
  • There was a discussion of rotating the downstream most chamber to horizontal for better performance. We will need to check that it can fit
  • Discussion of removing or cutting vertical cable manager to accommodate DS most chambers
  • Elton also requested that the chambers be oriented in such a way that the cabling/connectors will be consistent
  • Stephanie needed the dimensions for the scintillators for the 3D model
  • Discussed target changing mechanism - Bobby making good progress

Action Items

  • Elton to get with Chris on sub-D connectors
  • Elton to come up with desired orientation of each chamber
  • Tim to measure cable trays again in Hall to determine if the chamber can go horizontal
  • Tim to get with Fernando/Nick to come up with a plan for the vertical cable managers
  • Stephanie to update the 3D model to verify DS chamber being horizontal is ok
  • Elton to supply scintillator paddle geometry