October 29, 2012 Installation

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Meeting Time and Place

Monday November 12, 2012 at 1:30pm At Jefferson Lab, the meeting will be held in F326


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  1. Announcements
  2. Organization
  3. Walk through of the Schedule


  1. Present: Jefferson Lab and Carnegie Mellon
  2. We started by identifying what we would like to get out of these monthly meetings. In particular, they would be a mechanism for people to be aware of what needed to be done in order to install a particular detector. We would basically track what happens from when a detector is delivered until it is installed and cabled up.
  3. In order to do this, we need to develop a somewhat detailed installation schedule.
    1. Tim and Eugene are working on a high-level schedule for the Lehman Review this month.
    2. Detector groups should come up with a list of what they feel needs to happen after their detector arrives at Jefferson Lab.
    3. These can be merged and become an active document that we review at these meeting.
  4. We also need to begin discussing when outside manpower will be available to assist with installation. Curtis noted that it is easier for Universities to send people in the summer. There is a also a summer research program that has a lot of undergraduates at JLab. If we could package things as a research project, then we could take advantage of some of these students.
  5. Elliott noted that we expect to have computer infrastructure in the counting house by summer. We currently have the fiber connection from the counting house to the computer center, but the high speed connection from the counting house to the Hall is waiting on switches.
  6. We also discussed the fiber connection form the tagger hall to the counting house. Elliott indicated that we will likely utilize some dark fiber for this.
  7. We started to discuss installation issues. We noted that the FCAL work on the forward carriage will occur in parallel with the work on the main frame.
    1. BCAL work will commence after the magnet tests are done and the light guides have been attached.
    2. The current schedule shows the FDC being installed in September 2013.
    3. The current schedule for the CDC has it being shipped to Jefferson Lab in April/May 2013. This opened a discussion about if and where we could read out the chamber before it was installed. It was quickly realized that with some additional electronics and infrastructure, we may be able to carry out much more extensive tests at CMU, and then transport the chamber closer to its installation date.

Action Items

  1. Tim and Eugene will complete the installation schedule for the Lehman review and this will form the basis of our installation schedule.
  2. Curtis will ask everyone delivering a detector component to JLab to write down what they see occuring from the time the detector is delivered until it is installed an cabled up.
  3. Beni agreed to create a shopping list for the CDC of items that would be needed at CMU to carry out a test involving between 3 and 7 125MhZ Flash ADCs. This would include low- and high- voltage systems as well as the Flash modules.
  4. We will ask at the Wednesday meeting about groups sending manpower to Jefferson Lab.
  5. The next installation meeting will be on Monday December 10 at 1:30pm.