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NOTE: This Page Superceded by the Mantis Issue Tracking System

Open Action Items

  • Create and test offline reconstruction program that also is a Coda Object, for online farm - Elliott, Dave L
  • Rework Online milestones and tasks - Elliott, 7-Jan-2009

Action Items In Progress - Short Term

Action Items In Progress - Long Term

Action Items on Hold

  • Form FCAL test subgroup and plan 2008 FCAL test - Elliott, 4-Oct-2007
    • Not clear if and when test will happen given new accelerator schedule - Elliott, 16-Jan-2008
  • Determine requirements for and set up CODA-based Electronics group test stands - Elliott W, Chris C, Dave A, 9-Aug-2007
    • Waiting for need by Electronics Group
  • Schedule "Mock Farm Data Challenge" to exercise farm software from DAQ group, perhaps late in 2009.
    • DAQ group not working on farm software yet
  • Test IRMIS with PS magnet and with existing Hall D hardware - Elliott, Jim, Fernando, Dec-2008
    • On hold since IRMIS under continuous development - Elliott, early 2009
  • Use full-scale FDC test as testbed for controls system - Elliott, 31-Jan-2008
    • Developing initial test system in DAQ lab instead- Elliott, Vardan, Feb-2008

Completed Action Items

  • Create document outlining online monitoring and controls strategy, including technology choices - Elliott, 7-Jan-2009 - completed Feb 2009
  • Revisit energy-sum trigger algorithm - Alex S - 29-Nov-2007 - completed Nov 2008
  • Complete Trigger/DAQ/Monitoring/Controls work breakdown - 9-Aug-2007 - completed May 2008, in P3E
  • Query collaboration concerning short and long-term notebook/logbook needs and requirements - Elliott, 12-Nov-2008 - completed Nov 2008
  • Determine expected average event size - Alex, Eugene, Elliott, David, Fernando, Nov-2007 - completed May-2008
  • Add electronics design goals and milestones to wiki pages - Fernando, 15-Dec-2007 - completed Mar-2008
  • Complete Monitoring/Controls milestones - Elliott, 19-Jul-2007, completed Feb 2008
  • Generate information for Elke's Action Item Tracker based on Online Major Milestones - Elliott, 15-Dec-2007, completed Jan-2008
  • Derive manpower requirements from Trigger/DAQ milestones - Elliott and Graham, 15-Dec-2007, completed by Elke Dec-2007
  • Design document listing basic requirements and design goals - Elliott, 19-Jul-2007, completed 15-Dec-2007
  • Combine and reconcile DAQ and Hall D milestones - Elliott and Graham, 29-Nov-2007, completed 15-Dec-2007
  • Milestones from JLab DAQ group - Graham H, 19-Jul-2007, completed 29-Nov-2007
  • DAQ board specifications needed by Electronics group - Dave A, 9-Aug-2007, completed 15-Oct-2007
  • Form committee to lead effort to determine event size - Elliott, 29-Aug-2007, completed 20-Sep-2007
  • Trigger/DAQ milestones - Elliott, 19-Jul-2007, completed 15-Aug-2007
  • Create task-oriented list of OWG responsibilites instead of existing group-oriented list - Elliott, 15-Jun-07, superceded 9-Aug-2007
    • Instead, create work breakdown in Contractor - 9-Aug-2007
  • Replace "GlueX" with "Hall D" in wiki pages - Elliott, 15-Jun-07, completed 20-Jun-07