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This page is to track progress toward goals that were laid out at the May 2007 PID workshop. It is hoped that all goals will be completed by the July 2007 PID workshop. The table below is derived largely from these two pages:

BCAL Items

Task People Progress Notes
BCAL overview - calorimetry concepts and BCAL specifics Zisis Completed GlueX-doc-840
BCAL test beam - gain settings/calibration - photon data and cosmics Alex, Blake Ongoing Blake - using M.C. and minimization and Alex using cosmics and energy deposition in layers compared to Blake's simulations
z dependence of energy and time difference resolution Alex, Blake Ongoing Alex is making progress
angular dependence of energy and time difference resolution Alex, Blake Ongoing GlueX-doc-804
resolution in mean time for low energy photons Blake Ongoing GlueX-doc-804
resolution in mean time for cosmics Christina Ongoing GlueX-doc 752
analysis summary / TRIUMF, cosmic, JLab consistency on detector response Zisis et al. Ongoing July 17 target for draft, working with Alex - see Alex's note
retune BCAL reconstruction / thresholds Mihajlo, Matt, Zisis, Andrei Completed GlueX-doc-849
extract no of p.e. from all cosmics data Andrei, Zisis Ongoing Andrei's report on 07/10, analysis of Regina cosmics, Hall-B cosmics, etc
validate/tune standalone MC using beam test data Zisis Ongoing in parallel with analysis writeup

UPV Items

Task People Progress Notes
understand efficiency for detecting soft photons Paul Ongoing status of simulations and noise estimates?

Cherenkov Items

Task People Progress Notes
estimate background rates in the Cherenkov detector Matt and Richard On Hold needs realistic readout in MC?

FDC Items

Task People Progress Notes
explore effects of revised geometry on photon efficiency and track momentum resolution Mihajlo, Richard, Dave, Simon, Dan Completed geometry revisions need validation - OK? now time for Mihajlo?, Preliminary Report, Detector Material Budget in the Forward Direction, Dave's Scan

TOF Items

Task People Progress Notes
realistic digitization and response in Monte Carlo Beni Ongoing revised hit structure with more info, Beni's 6/26 Report
connect TOF hits with tracks Beni, Matt On Hold start after above item is finished

Full Reconstruction

Task People Progress Notes
unify BCAL FCAL photon and π0 reconstruction Mihajlo Completed
map calorimeter overlap region with high statistics Mihajlo Completed needs retuned BCAL MC
implement kinematic fitting in analysis framework Matt B. Ongoing photon error matrix done, start with fitting π0 then all neutral events

Parametric Studies

Task People Progress Notes
validate use of Pythia for generating generic hadronic backgrounds Elke, Eugene, Alex Ongoing Photoproduction cross sections, Eugene report on 6/26
validate dE/dx is appropriate PID for curlers in the CDC Alex Completed Brief Report