Polycom Setup Instructions

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Instructions for Polycom VSX7000 and equivalent

  • Using the remote control in front of the Polycom
    1. Use the arrows on the remote to go down to the bottom left hand corner of the home screen and click on 'System'.
    2. If you have entered a password for your machine, use the keyboard shown on the next screen, the arrows on the remote and 'enter' to spell out the password. Take care for upper/lower case by toggling the keyboard button with an arrow on it to the correct setting before typing. I have a password with all lower case to make this easier.
    3. The next screen is called 'Admin Settings'. Click on option 2-Network.
    4. On the next screen click on 1-IP.
    5. On the next screen click on 1-H.323 Settings
    6. On this screen ensure you have the following
      • Enable IP H.323 box should be checked
      • H.323 Name: zisis202166
      • H.323 Extension (E.164): 202166
    7. click 'Next' on the bottom right corner to go to the next screen; this is the first of 5 Gatekeeper screens. There ensure:
      • Use Gatekeeper: pull down menu should be set to 'Specify'
      • H.323 Name: zisis202166 (should come automatically from the previous screen)
      • H.323 Extension (E.164): 202166 (same here)
      • Outbound call: Gatekeeper
      • Gatekeeper address: (here I cannot remember if the 1719 is universal or if this is specific to my location; if it fails just put without the :1719 and try that)
    8. After all this is in, just hit the 'Home' button on your remote, which will take you back to the home screen. There you should see the numbers you have entered under the Picture. This tells you that it is operating correctly.
  • Using a browser to control your Polycom
    2. if you have a username/password enter it
    3. hover over Admin Settings/Network/IP Network/H.323 and you'll get to the same type of browser screens where you can enter the above.