Proposal for IT Presentations Plan for Nov. 2013 Software Review

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From e-mail sent by Graham on 10/28/2013:

Rolf asked for an outline of what we will present at the review. So here is something:

For the morning - 

I will start by talking about the requirements gathering process, i.e. who the computing requirements come from,
what the units of measurement are and what the estimates are based on. 

I will then present the computing requirements for CPU, disk and tape. 

Sandy will then briefly talk about what we have now, both on the EPN and LQCD side (to give some idea of the
scope of the requirements compared with what we manage now). 

Sandy will then present the basis by which we can estimate cost, $k per unit of CPU, disk and tape, and how that is
expected to evolve with time. 

Finally one or the other of us (probably me) will present a funding profile based on the data from the first two topics.

For the afternoon - 

Basically exactly the same thing but with more detail. 

I will present how each hall calculates the requirements and reference any tests that support the numbers, for
example graphs showing scaling of performance vs CPU and the work David L did on scaling with clock speed,
Intel vs AMD, memory footprint etc etc. In particular I want to show the arguments that lead us to have some
confidence in the numbers. I also want to show the input that goes into the decision of what to buy, for example
more cores per CPU vs more CPUs, how much memory etc.

Similarly Sandy will present data that she has that supports the cost estimates that she presented in the morning.

Finally, I want discuss funding profiles etc in more detail. 

I don’t expect to need more than an hour in the afternoon.