Proposal for an online conditions database

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  • During data taking various conditions of the detector, electronics, data acquisition system, hall, and counting room will be recorded.
  • These data will be recorded in different ways for different reasons, but one of the main uses is for use in subsequent data analysis.
  • Things like magnet power supply currents, temperatures, trigger rate, scalers will all need to be available for offline processing.
  • These quantities will need to identified by time of recording, run number, and perhaps event number.
  • These quantities will not have to be recorded on an event-by-event basis; most will only be recorded once per run.

Proposed schema:

online conditions database schema


  • Different processes can update quantities for which they are responsible independently.
    • Special events, e. g., scalers
    • Alarm systems
    • Log book
  • Central server alone needs to know DAQ status (single number, the ID)
  • New quantities can be added without re-writing the schema
  • Frequency of update completely determined by the data producing client