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There are three places where the random triggers are kept and 2 cron jobs used to distribute them

Random triggers land on the cache: /cache/halld/gluex_simulations/random_triggers/ in a directory labeled by the reconstruction version used to create them.

From there Thomas Britton (tbritton) runs a cronjob : 0 */6 * * * rsync -ruvt --copy-links /cache/halld/gluex_simulations/random_triggers/* /osgpool/halld/random_triggers/ on ifarm1802. /osgpool/ is a disk local to scosg16.

Wesley Moore (wmoore) run a second rsync via puppet on sciwork1802: rsync -ruvt /osgpool/halld/random_triggers/ sci-xrootd-ib.qcd.jlab.org:/osgpool/halld/random_triggers/ . sci-xrootd (aka dtn1902) is JLab's XRootD server.

all nodes have access to XRootD so the files can be accessed there via XRootD or over infiniband from dtn1902 (ethernet traffic internally is prohibited inside JLab)