September 11, 2013 tracking CDC/FDC

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Meeting Time and Place

Wednesday September 11, 2013 at 11:00am At Jefferson Lab, the meeting will be held in F326


To connect from the outside, please use ESNET

  1. ) ESNET: 8542553
  2. )To connect by telephone, dial:
  • You can look up toll-free number at
  • US and Canada: (866)740-1260 (toll free)
  • International: (303)248-0285 (toll call)
  • enter access code followed by the # sign: 3421244#

Hardware Agenda

  1. Announcement
  2. Collaboration Meeting
  3. FDC Update
    1. fADC125 event
  4. CDC Update CDC_216_channels
  5. Data Formats


Present: Curtis, Naomi, David, Lubomir, Mark Ito, Eugene, Mark Dalton, Beni

  1. Announcement
  2. Collaboration Meeting
    1. One talk is enough for each detector; Lubomir would like 20 minutes on cluster counting.
  3. FDC Update
    1. We are done with the HV test of the FDC packages. Installation of the skin to hold the cables, and the tubes between the cooling manifolds will follow.
    2. Beni got 8 new F1TDCs and started working on the DAQ to test them with the spare package.
    3. The effect that Naomi showed us before, a long tail after a big pulse, was observed also in the FDC wire signals when the number of the samples in the fADC125 was increased to 1600. The plot linked above shows the signals (x-axis: sample number) from one event with two neighboring wires seeing a track above them. A cross-talk between the wires is also visible on the plot. These issues are being discussed with Gerard and Fernando.
  4. CDC Update
    1. We discussed monitoring CDC preamp temperature. For the FDC the coolant temp will be monitored. For the CDC it would be easier to monitor the air temp near to the preamps than the preamp chip temp itself.
    2. There is a slight difference (few ns) in measured time between the 3 fadcs, probably due to their clocks not being synchronised.
    3. The drift times are showing spikes, common to all channels on the same HVB.
    4. It looks like one channel disappeared between runs; the raw data are all zeros (no noise) so the pedestal probably dropped.
  5. Data Formats
    1. We were all happy with the draft data format discussed previously, David will contact Cody to find out if the proposed format is reasonably achievable.