Sim1.2 Conditions

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These simulations were generated for the purpose of matching detector performance in simulation and data. They were generated with the same run range and relative contribution for each run as in data, with the statistics of a ~30% percent of those in data. The standard CCDB variation "mc" was used.

Detailed information about the files and conditions can be found at:


The simulated data can be found at JLab in /volatile/halld/sim1_2 with the following subdirectories:

  • rest - reconstructed events
  • smeared - hit-level data for 5% of events
  • hd_root - data quality monitoring ROOT files
  • tree_* - output from trees generated by the efficiency study plugins

Files on the volatile disk are subject to that disk's deletion policy.

All files will be stored on tape in /mss/halld/gluex_simulations/sim1_2

How to analyze

The environment used to generate these events can be found at or /group/halld/www/halldweb/html/gluex_simulations/sim1/conditions/setup_jlab.csh

That file can be used as a starting point for your own analyses. Remember that the CCDB variation "mc" should always be chosen when analyzing these files, e.g.,

setenv JANA_CALIB_CONTEXT "variation=mc"

Analysis Launch

Description of plugins:

Launch Statistics:

Output trees and histograms can be found here: /cache/halld/RunPeriod-2016-02/sim/ver01