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  • This is done by a cron job that runs on ifarm1101 on the gluex account.
  • The software scripts can be found in the repository at:


  • First, the workflow "recon_tests" was created for the gluex account.
  • Next, this workflow was told to start running, even without any jobs: this way all the cron job has to do is add a new job

Adding a New Run Period

1) Pick a full file from a good run (production, status_approved) to analyze. Then, add it to the list near the end of your own local copy of the file so that it is processed.

Submit_Job 2016-02 011529 000     #run-period, run#, file#

2) Commit this change to the repository, and update the version on the gluex account.

ssh gluex@jlabl5 -Y
cd /group/halld/Software/scripts/monitoring/recon_test/
svn update

Running the Cron Job

1) Check to see if the cron job is added to the crontab file. If not, add it:

ssh gluex@ifarm1101 -Y
crontab -e
# Add the line found in /group/halld/Software/scripts/monitoring/recon_test/cron_recontest

Output Files

  • The location of the output files is determined by the job setup script