Solenoid Meeting 2014-01-28

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George B., David B., Scot S., Yi Q.


  • Spreadsheet of tasks:
  • Future Plan
    • start N2 flow in May, cryo starts in June


Review task list

47. PXI grounding: 90% done

52. Hall-prove location - between 3 and 4, permanent, as close to center as possible. Discussion between Mark, Tom, Scot and Yi

3. LHe level probe, wiring issue - Scot

49. Coordinating system time - send PXI time to PLC - Yi

7. Sequence of Events (SOE) system done

8. More signals to SOE - refrigerator fault - firmware update - test/tweak code/ - David - in a week 85%

9. Ramp rate, front panel card fixed and installed, will test the power supply after installing the jumpers

10. Dump sequence - Giles talking to Dynfesik

11. Ground fault signal to PXI - Scot and Yi

51. Method to access old archive