Solenoid Meeting 2014-02-11

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George B., David B., Mark S., Yi Q.


Task List

  1. PXI ground jumpers: installed
  2. LHe level probe: Scot received wiring diagram from cryo group, will verify the connection
  3. HW QD balance resistor: file still missing, will find more places including a local machine
  4. Ground Fault Detector signal to PXI: connected
  5. Power supply spare: Mark will help look into it
  6. Control of Solenoid from Counting House: HMI & EPICS, start thinking, will breakdown sub-items later
  7. Short sample tests at Twenty University: George will push it
  8. Incorporate PLC into Operator alarm system: Yi will look into it
  9. Auto log entries: start thinking, may proceed with event-triggered entries