Solenoid References

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  • GlueX-doc-2378 Hall D Superconducting Solenoid (summary technical note)
  • GlueX-doc-1634 Design goals for Hall D replacement solenoid
  • GlueX-doc-1612 Overview of Hall D solenoid refurbishment and testing
  • GlueX-doc-1610 Solenoid: Impact of a Shortened Turn
  • GlueX-doc-2510 Assembly of Hall D Solenoid Conductor Documents
  • GlueX-doc-973 Estimates of induced currents and forces generated during a quench of the solenoid
  • GlueX-doc-429 Tests and calculations to determine the ground short characteristics of the GlueX Solenoid coils 1 and 3 and a discussion of consequences and remediation options.
  • GlueX-doc-400 Report of Interim Assessment of Solenoid for GlueX (2004)
  • GlueX-doc-1480 Appendix on Solenoid (GlueX CDR v3, 2000)
  • GlueX-doc-26 Assessment of the MEGA/LASS Magnet at LANL (2000)
  • GlueX-doc-1479 Summary of MEGA/LASS Magnet properties (GlueX CDR v2, 1999)
  • GlueX-doc-1482 LASS Technical Note: Forces on Solenoid Spark Chambers During Emergency Shutdown of Solenoid
  • SLAC-298 The LASS Spectrometer Technical Note (1987)