Status of motor applications 05/01/2014

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Application name # of axes Stage status Cable status Connectors Software Comments
Goniometer 5 Tested In production Not installed Partially ready Wired in FEL
Microscope 3 Not tested Manufactured Installed on stage Does not exist Ready for test in EEL, will go to UCONN
Amorphous radiator 1 Tested Manufactured Not installed Partially ready In the tagger hall, not wired
Collimator 1 Installed, not surveyed, not tested Manufactured Not installed Ready, needs survey In the hall, not wired, needs to be wired
PS Converter 1 Not tested Manufactured Not installed Partially ready Not wired in FEL, limit switches need connectors
TAC 1 Does not exist Partially Manufactured Not installed Does not exist Need to make the stage