Summer 2013 Manpower Contributions

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JLab Navigation

User Registration

Here is the outline of the process:

1) Students must attend an orientation class before they can be issued a badge. If you have been issued a badge within the last year, you are not required to take this class. A badge is required for access to any of the buildings on campus and the accelerator site. A Student Safety Training (SAF099) class has been scheduled spicifically for all the Hall D Summer Students:

SAF099 - 3 June 2013 (Monday), 10:00 a.m., Building 28, Room 72.

Students who may not be able to attend this class or arrive at JLab at a later date must contact Steve Gagnon ( and Lisa Surles-Law ( to re-schedule their orientattion.

2) All Users will also need to review their training due to recently updated requirements.

3) For students, Fernando will be the sponsor.

4) Students have been assigned activities and JLab supervisors (see table below).

5) An orientation class for JLab supervisors was conducted on 22 May 2013.

Before you can get an ID badge or take training or get a computer account you have to register as a user at the Lab. Instructions can be found here. This step is sometimes known as "getting on JList." You will want to register as an "ACTIVE - USER" except for undergraduate students who should register as an "UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT."

JLab support - Rachel Harris (, CC F377, (757)269-5345

Jefferson Lab Training

Minimum requirements: SAF099, SAF100, SAF113kd, SAF103, SAF800, SAF801kd, GEN034.

NOTE: A student will only be issued a badge after attending a SAF099 orientation class. See above.

Web based training page

Computer Account

Instructions for obtaining a computer account at the Lab can be found here.

Jefferson Lab Office Space

Cubicles in the library in the ARC building at the Lab can be reserved. For more information, click here. Contact your JLab supervisor for further information. To go directly to the reservation page, click here.

Outside Manpower at Jefferson Lab

Name Institution Arrival Departure JLab Supervisor Activities
Nerses GevorgyanYerevan5.1011.10Chudakov Controls
Vanik KakkoyanYerevan6.2012.10Chudakov Controls
Ivan TolstukhinMEPI6.2011.20Somov PS, PSC, TAGH
Vladimir BerdnikovMEPI6.0312.3Lubomir FDC
William McGinleyCMU6.037.19Barbosa Electronics
Michael StaibCMU6.037.19Barbosa Electronics
Zach JonesIU6.038.15Leckey FCAL
Kyle Bowman UNCW6.037.31Somov PS, PSC, TAGH
Tamara McNeelUNCW6.037.31Somov PS, PSC, TAGH
Nathan MDzbenskiUNCW6.037.31Somov PS, PSC, TAGH
Brandon DeMello NSU6.038.09Barbosa Electronics (part time)
Jeremy BarnetteNSU6.038.09Barbosa Electronics
Jonathan BarnesNSU6.038.09Barbosa Electronics
Tegan BeattieRegina6.037.05Smith BCAL
Laura TeigrobRegina6.037.05Smith BCAL
Shaun KruegerRegina7.097.24Smith BCAL
Zach HorvathRegina7.098.02Smith BCAL
Georgios VasileiadisAthens6.228.02Smith BCAL
Tara Bogart CNU5.028.15Smith BCAL pulsing system
Serguei Kuleshov USM6.097.31Smith BCAL
Natalie Walford CUASummerFallSomov TAGH
Ziheng Chen CNU7.018.31Qiang Goniometer