TOF DAQ Tasks, January 22, 2015

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flash ADCs

  1. pedestals
    1. automatic procedure for measuring pedestals
      1. on-demand when DAQ idle
      2. as part of special pedestal trigger
      3. as a part of regular data taking
      4. system for storing results in a database
      5. system for tracking changes over time
    2. semi-automatic procedure for setting pedestals
      1. make available for download after approval
  2. scalers
    1. stand-alone gui for reading values
    2. generate a threshold curve for each channel
    3. system for storing results in database
  3. check new voltage range
    1. take cosmic data and compare frequency of overflows with Fall run cosmics


  1. measure discriminator threshold with flash
  2. do a threshold curve
    1. record rates for scalers for various settings of discriminator thresholds
  3. finalize discriminator scalar gui

high voltage

  1. system for storing current values in a database
    1. start with FSU bench-measurement values
  2. system for measuring relative gains of PMTs
  3. system for equalizing gains
    1. design procedure
    2. decide on time-scale for changes
    3. decide on trigger for change

photomultiplier tubes

  1. monitor PMTs with respect to lifetime (total charge)

light output monitoring

  1. design procedure for measuring photo-electrons per MeV
  2. system for storing results in a database

regular data runs

  1. establish procedure
  2. decide on schedule
  3. assign data-taking personnel

online monitoring system

  1. review existing histograms
  2. suggest additions

event display

  1. assess status
  2. create task list

alarm handler

  1. review current configuration
  2. suggest changes

measure basic parameters

  1. efficiency
  2. time resolution
  3. energy resolution
  4. position resolution


  1. timing calibration
  2. time-walk calibration
  3. signal shape characterization


  1. understand how to configure TOF trigger
  2. record TOF trigger rates
    1. relevant trigger configuration should be noted
  3. trigger threshold understanding