Task list from DIRC project review (October 14, 2015)

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After the DIRC project review we compiled a list of tasks to be completed in the short term. Some of these came up during the review and others were already known.

Design Tasks

  • Continue investigating transportation options
  • Mirror radiation hardness testing
    • Place front-glass mirror and possibly aluminum mirror in Hall D near DIRC location during upcoming run (Fall 2015 or Spring 2016)
    • Test properties (reflectivity, distortion, etc.) before and after receiving radiation dose to evaluate effects of radiation
      • Determine where optical bench needed for reflectivity tests, etc. might be available at JLab (detector group?)
  • Testing of ECI coating on float glass
    • So far front-glass mirrors are using stock coating from the company that produces them
    • Would like to coat some standard float glass with same ECI coating used on the aluminum mirrors to evaluate it's performance
    • What is the cost compared to off the shelf front glass mirrors?
  • Study options for optical contact between MAPMTs and quartz window
    • Various options:
      • Eljen grease (used in PANDA prototype), low transmission at small wavelength
      • RTV cookies (used in Belle II TOP detector), need to find more information
      • No additional coupling, causes an air gap where photons may be lost
    • Look into options and identify ways to simulate or measure best coupling solution
      • Could they be tested with laser setup for MAPMTs at JLab?
  • LED pulser or laser installed in optical box for calibration
    • Suggested by Jerry for timing calibration
    • Also very useful to provide signals for initial checkout and testing of electronics before full installation
    • Does it need to be part of the project scope?
  • Timing resolution of electronics
    • Discuss with INFN and Fast Electronics Group what the limiting factor is for the time resolution
    • Some discussion at the review whether 1 ns spec for the RICH is a gate or bin width, which would reduce the resolution by &sqrt;12
    • Need to check what other bottlenecks could be on the timing resolution (clock distribution, etc.)
  • Define scope of Pre-R&D work on conceptual mirror design which starts before project officially begins
    • One possibility is to design strongbacks to support either polished aluminum or front-glass mirrors
    • Then the rest of the design can be completed without making the final mirror decision
  • Water system design
    • Documentation from Jason for estimate that went into budget
    • Discussion between JLab designers and Bates to understand plan for the system
  • Some additional installation questions:
    1. If all 4 bar boxes arrive at once, should we install all 4 in the support structure as soon as they arrive even though only 1 optical box will be produced?
    2. Does the MAPMT and electronics installation happen in situ once the optical box is installed on the support structure, or should the electronics installation and testing happen separately before the optical box is installed?

Software Tasks

  • Kernel Density Estimation (KDE) Algorithm
    • Validate algorithm by comparing to BaBar, SuperB and GlueX resolutions
    • Make software public and publish
    • Work on speed improvements necessary to be a part of standard GlueX reconstruction
  • Look-up-table (LUT) Algorithm
    • Initial study of resolutions to compare with KDE algorithm
  • Belle-II TOP-like Time-Based Imaging Algorithm
    • Already under study by GSI group for PANDA
  • GlueX software framework
    • Update geometry to baseline design from TDR in hdds
    • Work on implementing KDE and LUT algorithms in sim-recon
    • Move towards using Geant4 development branch
  • Define scope of Calibration WBS which needs to be added to the project (per the committees recommendation)
    • Should be the minimum which is required to meet KPP of 2.5 mrad resolution
    • Some could be contributed labor from MIT, IU, or GSI?
    • Some "coordination" would likely still need to be included in the project scope