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Thu 1/19/2023 2pm


  1. Detector status:
    • CDC
    • FDC
  2. Tracking
  3. GEM-TRD
  4. Other


  1. CDC - HV scan looks good but currents are higher than usual The max current CDC may have during the high-intensity test is 1 uA per straw, i.e. < 20 uA for the inner HV channels.
  2. FDC - the problem with half amplitudes in the FDC was solved - bad LV connector on the patch panel. Now using a spare connector but need to fix it after the end of the run.
  3. GEM-TRD - the readout foil that was shipped from CERN to Australia finally arrived at the right destination - UVa. They will continue with the assembly of the large scale prototype beginning of February and promise to be ready second half of Feb.

Naomi claims the record for southernmost GlueX meeting participation (Puerto Natales).