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Thu 1/5/2023 2pm


  1. Run preparations:
    • CDC
    • FDC
  2. Tracking
  3. GEM-TRD
  4. Other


  1. Run preparations
    • Beni did new baseline calibrations of the CDC. Found one channel that has some noise.
    • The FDC chiller that was installed earlier this week failed to regulate the temperature. It was replaced with the spare one, which means we don't have a spare at the moment.
    • The target is still on the platform. Most likely tomorrow will be pushed in, then Lubomir plans to look with a scope on the four groups (of 24) channels that exhibit about half of the full fADC range.
    • We aim to take comics over the weekend.
    • At the beginning of the run we will try to increase the beam intensity possibly by a factor of up to 2 or 3. We will lower the HV on the chambers to keep the currents at manageable level, also we will play with several additional absorbers.
    • Sergey and Lubomir will install several detectors to be tested parasitically at the left PS arm. These include small GEM-TRD, 3 calorimeter modules, and the GEM trackers. The GEM trackers are supposed to be positioned upstream of the shielding, but Eugene suggested first to test them downstream, then to installed them at their place.
  2. Simon will test the new geometry with rotated CDC and FDC, hopefully for good. Sergey and Simon are using NN algorithms to reconstruct tracks, so far they have good progress with relatively straight tracks. Will report soon.
  3. During the past 10 days people at UVA made significant progress on the large GEM-TRD prototype: three GEM foils were glued to frames, one GEM foil (the spare) had short in one HV sector. We are waiting for the R/O board that was produced at CERN just before Christmas, but not shipped yet.