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Thu 4/14/2022 2pm


  1. Detector update
    • CDC
    • FDC
  2. Tracking
  3. GEM-TRD
  4. Other


  1. Detector update
    • CDC
      • Naomi mentioned that Torri presented the results of the AIEC cosmics robo-CDC tests at the P&A meeting the slides are here.
      • We discussed what (unusual things) to expect during the upcoming CPP run.
        • ROC CDC 1 has been requisitioned for the MWPCs.
        • The target is a thin solid lead target at z=1cm, so the tracks will be much more forward than usual, expect more saturated hits in the CDC.
        • The beam current is low, 50nA, and the solenoid will be on.
        • The trigger is TOF+FCAL + BCAL but we don't expect as many tracks in BCAL as usual, because of the target position. We might benefit from a BCAL trigger just for the CDC HV scan, as this took 5x longer than usual for PrimEx, and it was just lucky that the pressure did not change during that time. Sean processed the data with a special BCAL skim to speed up the analysis. Naomi will email Elton to start some discussion on this.
    • FDC
      • Lubomir is still away.
  2. GEM-TRD
    • Sergey reported that he and Kondo are still working on the design for the full sized (50x70cm) GEM TRD prototype. The prototype should be ready for testing by Oct/Nov, and they are looking for electronics to instrument at least half of it by 2024, but don't have a decision yet because it's expensive ($100 per channel).