Two-Meson Photoproduction Workshop

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Jefferson Lab

  • Morning: F326-F327
  • Afternoon: F224-F225



Action Items

  1. Make prediction, based on the global Regge analysis for γ p -> K+Λ/Σ (also u-channel), γ p -> f2 p, γ p -> a2 p (Vincent, Ken, Andrea, Derek,…)
  2. Extend the moment analysis of two pseudoscalar meson photoproduction to electroproduction (clarify the role of beam helicity asymmetry) (Vincent,…)
  3. Adopt the Dalitz formalism (Misha’s paper) to γ p-> π π N (Misha, Adam, Victor, Eugene, … )
  4. Double Regge for η-π0 and η-π-++) (Colin, Lukasz, Alex, Matt, …)
  5. Use the recently measured spin density elements to constrain the model for diffractive vector meson photoproduction, including Λ(1520) (Vincent, Alex, … )
  6. Revisit ω -> γ* π0, φ -> γ* π0 η’ -> ω γ* … transition from factors (Gluex is collecting data) (Igor, Miguel,)
  7. Single Regge (+ Deck) model for ππ, πη (Lukasz, …)
  8. Explore a theoretical mechanism to check consistency between COMPASS and CLAS results regarding ρπ coupling of the π1 (Matt, Adam, Vincent, ...)
  9. Study π0π0 spectrum as a function of t, Eγ, contributions from S and D waves (Annika, Alex, ...)