University MOUs and Contracts

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We have a secure directory tree where we can put final versions of documents related to contracts and MOU's, accessible from the web, password protected. The top level directory is


on the JLab CUE. Inside you will see directories for each university. In each university's directory there are four possible sub-directories:

  1. mou_constr for construction mou's
  2. mou_bridge for bridge position mou's
  3. mou_collab for collaboration mou's
  4. contract for construction contracts

Of course any given university will only contain a subset of these.

These directories should contain all scanned/signed PDFs, final PDFs without signature, and final Word documents. These include SOWs, sole source justifications, relevant specifications, etc.

Security for these directories is based on the group permissions of the directories. You have to do a

newgrp halld_org

before you can access the directories. If you are Hall D staff responsible for documents of this type, you should be a member of this group.

Access from the web is at

Access requires a username and password:

  • username = gluex
  • password = the-standard-gluex-password

If you are looking for something and can't find it please contact Mark Ito and I can help you track it down.