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The review is intended to assess the overall ability of the software to analyze the data at the time data taking begins. This was a goal that was largely considered to have been sought and achieved by the LHC experiments at CERN. This has not been done previously at JLab while commissioning a new experimental hall.

Original e-mails sent by Rolf and Eugene initially describing the scope can be found here:


The official charge has yet to be determined


Spring 2012 Cross-hall Collaboration Effort

This is an initiative by Rolf to try and ensure the halls are not needlessly duplicating effort when it comes to software development. The initial meeting was summarized in an e-mail Rolf sent on Jan. 26, 2012. In it, several sub-meetings with topics were suggested. The intent was to have the sub-meetings and then meet again as a group to discuss the results.

Results of meetings involving Hall-D:

Follow-up Meeting on March 14, 2012

From 2011 mini-Review

In Spring of 2011 an internal software review was conducted partially as preparation for the external review planned in 2012. Below are links to some of the relevant material from that review.

From 6GeV BIA Schedule

The 6GeV BIA (Baseline Improvement Schedule) was made to allow development on certain projects that while critical to 12GeV, could be used by the 6GeV program were it to continue and the upgrade never happen. Thus, these items were to be paid for by the 6GeV operations budget and not out of the 12GeV project budget.

The Offline Computing schedule was placed in the BIA and the intention was to track it there. At some point (2009?) the BIA tracking was dropped and the Offline Computing has not maintained tracking of it since. It does, however, serve as the most recent detailed project plan for the offline computing. The most recent version (extracted by Phil Kessler on Jan. 17, 2012) can be found here:


From 12GeV Project Schedule

The 12 GeV Project schedule contains only the Online Computing activities. Primarily DAQ system and Control Systems software. There is some overlap between the offline and online and where the reviewers will draw the boundary. Nonetheless, a recent (Oct. 2011) extraction of the Computing part of the project schedule can be found here:


BNL Review and Hall-A Research Management Plan

The following attachments were sent with the e-mail below regarding a 2006 BNL review that this may be similar to:

Live links to those referred to under a), b), c) below are here:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 14:50:04 -0500 (EST)
From: Rolf Ent <ent@jlab.org>
To: Robert Michaels <rom@jlab.org>, John LeRose <lerose@jlab.org>, Volker Burkert <burkert@jlab.org>, Latifa Elouadrhiri <latifa@jlab.org>,
    Stephen A. Wood <saw@jlab.org>, Howard Fenker <hcf@jlab.org>, Eugene Chudakov <gen@jlab.org>, Elton Smith <elton@jlab.org>,
    Glenn Young <gyoung@jlab.org>, Graham Heyes <heyes@jlab.org>, Javier Gomez <gomez@jlab.org>, Chip Watson <watson@jlab.org>
Cc: Robert McKeown <bmck@jlab.org>, Roy Whitney <whitney@jlab.org>
Subject: Re: 12 GeV Software review planning - electronic

Dear all,

    Apologies for the delay, but here a few attachments with:
1) charge and agenda for an internal BNL Atlas review in December of
2006, that Chip chaired and had a fairly large emphasis upon software and computing, as opposed to construction.
2) for completeness, the document on what to expect/prepare for a
review, from the earlier meeting.
3) the research management plan for the SBS.

    Also, FYI here a few sites with presentations/further info that
may be useful, per Chip:
a) a link to a software talk from a DOE review
with a pretty broad scope, and lots of details.  Should be useful.

b) a DOE talk of 1 1/2 years old:

c) the annual review report from 2009 for US LHC:
(where Operations includes software and computing).

                Best regards,    Rolf

Hall-D Preparations

Specific plans for Hall-D's preparations for the review are gathered in this section.

Planning Meetings

Schedules and Resources

Here are links to some pages dedicated to schedules and resource lists put together for the review.

Other Potentially Useful Information

Some Documentation from CLEO



Milestones/Data challenges

Contact Info

Hall-D preparations for the review are being organized by:

David Lawrence

Matt Shepherd

Mark Ito