Controls Meeting 15-Nov-2012

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  • Announcements
  • Minutes from previous meeting 18-Oct-2012
  • Counting house - HOvanes, Elliott
    • computers, license servers, Windows, monitoring farm, etc.
  • Hardware purchase status - Josh, Hovanes
  • EPICS - Hovanes
  • Solenoid test - Josh, Hovanes, Elliott
    • databases, A-B stuff, PXI, data logging, IOC's, elog, EPICS/Labview, etc.
  • Other controls applications
    • FCAL, gas system, etc.
  • JInventory improvements - Josh, Hovanes, Elliott
    • barcode readers and labels, conventions, etc.
  • Mantis task tracker
  • Midas elog

  • Experiment Control Supervisor - Elliott


9:30AM Thurs 15-Nov-2012 CC L207


Next Meeting

9:30am Thurs 29-Nov-2012


Present: Elliott W, Josh B, Dan B.

We had a relatively short meeting due to low attendance:

  • Josh fixed the scan time for the EPICS IOC connection to the PLC.
  • Elliott reported on recent hardware installation in the counting house.
  • We discussed the Cryo connection to our PLC, PLC alarms, and archiving.
  • Josh said the PLC system is ready to go for the Solenoid test.