Controls Meeting 17-Apr-2014

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9:30AM Thurs 17-Apr-2014 CC F224


Present: Nerses, Orlando, Elton, Dave B., Hovanes, Scot, Mark S., Mike, Beni

Gas system controls

  • Dave continues working on the PLC program. MFC are programmed.
  • Working on the procedure signatures. Purge will be a separate procedure.
  • Beni will be working on the definition of the gas system alarms and communicate them to Dave.
  • Mike Steib gave a short presentation on the gas system GUIs that he developed.

Motor cables

  • Scot reported that the motors are ready with exception of goniometer cables.
  • The goniometer cables should be ready in middle of May, Tina is working on them.

Voltage alarms

  • Nerses gave a presentation on the voltage alarms for voltages.
  • CAEN alarms are mostly ready. Still need to do some work on Wiener-based alarms.
  • The system allows to change the parameters that are involved in generation of the alarms.

Other business

  • Hovanes needs some input on the archiving voltages, in particular the deadbands for the channels that need to be archived.
  • According to Elton for the BCAL bias voltage readbacks 10mV is a good number and 0.1V for LVs . For the current readbacks 1mA is a good deadband for the biases and 0.1A is a good number for low voltages.
  • Elton would like to have a document specifying the capabilities of the Hall D controls system regarding alarms and paging. Hovanes volunteered to work on it.

Action items

  • Dave will send the gas system control procedure to the group's mailing list.
  • Dave will work with Beni to define the alarms for the gas system .
  • Scot and Tina will work on goniometer cables.
  • Hovanes will start working on the document describing the control system capabilities for review documentation.
  • Nerses will design the alarms for Wiener MPOD based voltage systems.