Controls Meeting 3-Apr-2014

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9:30AM Thurs 3-Apr-2014 CC A110


Present: Dave, Mark S., Scot, Orlando, Hovanes, Elton, Nerses

BCAL pulser

Alarms for voltages

  • Nerses is working on the scheme to generate alarms for voltages in EPICS.
  • He showed the logic he is currently considering.
  • There was a suggestion to have an alarm when the voltages are set to be off, but they are still on,
  • Orlando pointed out that there will be a delay between the moment the setpoint is set and setpoint is readback. This time delay needs to be taken into account.

BCAL interlocks

  • Dave reported significant progress on the BCAL interlocks .
  • Upstream is wired and tested. Downstream interlock is in progress.
  • Downstream chiller is not connected as of today. Will be connected most likely by the end of today.
  • Buttons need to be change to match Elton's convention .
  • Hovanes asked Elton if the expert GUI that Dave has will need to be copied to EPICS or EPICS will need to have only a GUI for the shift personnel with very limited personality. This was followed by a discussion about the need to have a PLC in the counting house.

Radiator stage

  • The test were done by Yi and Hovanes. The stage satisfied the specs. The limit switches will have to replaced.
  • Slava and Hovanes handed the stage to Tim for installation on the tagger hall. The PS converter stage is in the FEL now.

Cabling of the motors

  • Tina has been working on the cables for the Hall D motorized stages.
  • Collimator cable will be complete today.
  • Scot needs the notation for the low and high limit switches for each stage.

Gas system controls

  • Gas system is pretty close to be complete.
  • Procedures are being circulated for the controls.
  • Dave reported that 80% of the PLC GUIs are complete.
  • Michael Staib from CMU is working on the EPICS controls screens for the gas system .


  • Elton would like to purchase flow meters with remote readout. He will send an e-mail with the data-sheet or the specification for the flow-meter he liked.

Action items

  • Hovanes will send info to Scot on limit switches for motors.
  • Beni will forward Hovanes the draft of the procedures for the gas system to Hovanes.
  • Dave will change the buttons on the BCAL temperature GUIs to match Hall D convention for controls buttons.
  • Elton will send an e-mail with the information on the flow meter.
  • Dave will check if the flow-meter that Elton wants could be easily integrated into the PLC controls.
  • Orlando will commit the final version of the BCAL pulser control and Hovanes will check out the GUIs on the official tree.