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Linear Polarization

In GlueX, the linearly polarized photons will be produced by coherent bremstrahlung. In this process, the photons in the coherent scattering peak from the crystal radiator are polarized. The direction of the polarization vector (in the lab) depends on the orientation of the crystal, but is fixed (in the lab). The degree of polarization of the coherent peak depends on the ratio of the photon energy to the end-point energy.

In the photo-production of mesons (via t-channel processes), the relevant

Reference Frames

The lab frame is typically taken with the z-axis along the incoming photon direction and the y-axis normal to the surface of the Earth. The x-axis is then taken {\hat  x}={\hat  y}\times {\hat  z}. Related to the lab frame is the center of mass frame. The coordinate directions are the same, but the two frames are connected by a boost along the z-axis with \beta =E_{{\gamma }}/(E_{{\gamma }}+m_{{p}}) and the total energy in the center of mass is {\sqrt  {s}}={\sqrt  {m_{{p}}^{{2}}+2m_{{p}}E_{{\gamma }}}}.

In t-channel photo production, a particle X is produced recoiling against an out-going proton. The Mandelstam t is given as t=(p_{{X}}^{{\mu }}-k^{{\mu }})(p_{{\mu X}}-k_{{\mu }}) where k is the photon momentum and p_{{X}} is the 4-momentum of the produced particle X.


Experimental Papers

CLAS Publications
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Other Publications
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  • The polarization observables T, P, and H and their impact on γ p → p π 0 multipoles, J. Hartmann et al. (CBELSA/TAPS), Submitted for publication (2015), arXiv.
Older Publications
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Theoretical Papers

  • Polarization observables in the longitudinal basis for pseudo-scalar meson photoproduction using a density matrix approach B. Dey et al., Phys. Rev. C83, 055208 (2011), DOI.
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Generalized Parton Distributions (GPD)

  • Timelike Compton scattering: exclusive photoproduction of lepton pairs, E,.R. Berger et al., Eur.Phys.J.C23:675-689,2002 or hep-ph/0110062 pdf
  • Photoproduction of a π ρ pair with a large invariant mass and transversity generalized parton distribution, M. El Beiyad et al., hep-ph/1001.4491 pdf

Strong Decay Models

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