JEF meeting, April 15, 2022

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Meeting time and location=

  • 9:30 am EST (JLab time) remote only
  • Zoom meeting ID: 161 050 9142 Passcode: 004965


  • Preparation for mass production of FCAL2 modules -- Sasha
    • Getting summer students involved in the project. Vaccinated students will be permitted to the lab according to the communication with Brian Hanlon (still to be checked). Not a problem to get 5 - 6 students involved (List of possible tasks).
    • Chris continues brazing brass straps. The quality has been improved. We have many brass assemblies now.
    • DSG:
      • About 700 ESR foils (SICCAS) have been preshaped. Start preshaping foils for CRYTUR crystals (after 900 foils for SICCAS are produced). Need new cutting template.
      • Crystal wrapping is very slow, only about 15 crystals have been wrapped during this week.
    • Production of Silicon cookies at the GWU [1]. See Olga's report. Contract with the GWU is under preparation.
    • Igal: continues wrapping ESR for crystals and Tedlar
    • Procurement of spare PMTs and sockets: no price increase [2]. Submitted PR for 100 PMTs and 200 sockets; not clear when it will be signed.
  • Module fabrication -- Sasha
  • Cable distribution of the FCAL insert -- Sasha
  • Light Monitoring System -- Arshak
  • COMCAL tests, TAC running, etc. -- Sasha
  • Data analysis
  • Simulations


Attendees: Bill, Zisis, Sasha, Olga, Igal, Liping, Arshak, Tegan, Jon, Susan, Tim B., Tim W., Jane, S.T.

  • Situation for students coming to JLab in the summer is becoming clearer
    • Lab is able to pay for lodging and per diem, maybe transportation
    • Phil will send 2 students, GWU has 3 students + 1 from community college, Liping looking at applications from 4 students
    • Most pressing task is crystal wrapping; Sasha could also have students work on tagger hodoscope repairs or COMCAL refurbishment
  • Since we are using 16 ESR jigs borrowed from NPS, we agreed to produce foils for NPS as their fabrication ramps up
  • GWU working on silicon cookies -- currently done by Olga, but soon a student will be doing this
  • FCAL2 module count now up to 290
  • Discussions with Tim W. and Fernando regarding cabling in the dark room taking place
    • Space for low voltage cables tight but seems manageable
    • Need to pay attention to strain relief and ease of access
    • Made 4x4 array to test cabling
  • Arshak continues to work on LMS development
    • Plexiglas delivered from machine shop attenuates injected light to much -- Arsak ordered new cast acrylic plate from outside vendor
    • Some LEDs arrived but integrating sphere is going through procurement process
    • Looking at using connectors for light injection as opposed to gluing fibers directly to plastic sheet
      • 3D printed vs commercial connectors?
    • How to hold in place in front of insert? Discussed angle holders on 4 sides
    • 4-piece plexiglas in front of existing FCAL needs to be modified
  • After the meeting we discussed the state of the island algorithm reconstruction and the isolation of the η→π0γγ channel
    • Simon's results don't completely agree with things seen by other people -- not clear tweaking parameters helps in the final analysis
    • TOF veto is important, but backsplash from showers from photons in the FCAL could be a problem