Jan 22, 2009 BCAL Construction

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Teleconference Instructions

Meeting time 14:00-15:00 Newport News / 13:00-14:00 Regina / 12:00-13:00 Edmonton

  • +1-800-377-8846 : US
  • +1-888-276-7715 : Canada
  • +1-302-709-8424 : International
  • then enter participant code: 39527048# (remember the "#")

Quick Reference Links

Documents to Review

  1. Updated Wedge drawing: Latest wedge machined dwg
  2. Updated Base plate drawing: Latest base plate dwg need to remove inserts for machining

= Action Item List = (updated - see bottom of page)

  1. Tim will supply updated drawings and post on DocDB by this friday
  2. Swager reactivation and rolling spacing check (Zisis/George)
  3. Gilbert will submit a list of all tools required and cost estimates by middle of next week. Mostly completed.
  4. Gilbert will send a drawing of the machining set up for Jlab to reference.
  5. Detailed schedule for preparation for module production (Gilbert).
  6. Tim to supply 3d stp/iges files to Regina/Alberta.
  7. In progress: George submitted a QA plan last month. Needs to be reviewed by Tim and Elke.
  8. Manpower
    • Construction Manager: Progress at UofA on job description, job ad
    • Co-Op job ads

Tentative Agenda

  1. Announcements
  2. Swager reactivation
  3. Beam/plate leveling on machining and layup tables
  4. Installation: how to lift matrix from Al base plate off steel beam
  5. Latest changes to drawings
  6. Review action item list
  7. Other business


Attendees: Regina - Zisis, George, Dan, Keith Alberta - Gilbert, Jan, JLAB - Tim, James