OWG Meeting 27-Apr-2011

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  • Announcements
  • Review of minutes from 13-Apr-2011 meeting
  • Collaboration meeting agenda
  • Plan Monitoring Histograms - Dave
  • DAQ Group code distribution - Carl, Graham, Dave
  • Controls projects and test station - Hovanes, Elliott
    • How might we use PC104's?
    • Harp scanner requirements
    • CAN control status, ASYN framework
    • Gas system requirements
    • Target requirements
    • Digital input sequencing module (1756-IB16ISOE)
    • HV, LV and crate control
    • Labview and EPICS
    • Control System Studio, archiver, alarm system, backup/restore
    • Visual DCT
    • EPICS on the web
  • P3E Online tasks, DAQ group and open position - Graham, Elliott
  • Update on conditions database - Mark
  • Coil test update - Elliott, Yi
    • VME fast DAQ system
    • Auxiliary tests
  • Other hardware tests - Chris, Beni
    • Multi-crate trigger test
    • FDC cosmic ray test
  • Raw event format - Dave, Carl
  • Event display - Elliott, Andrew
  • Java coda object framework - Elliott
  • Electronics, trigger and DAQ status reports - Chris, Alex, Dave, Fernando, Ben, Ed, William, Bryan
  • Mantis Task Tracker


1:30 PM Wed 27-Apr-2011 CC F326


Next Meeting

1:30 PM Wed 25-May-2011 CC F326

Skipping a meeting due to collaboration meeting


Present: Simon T, Carl T, Bryan M, Hovanes E, Eugene C, Beni Z, Alex S, Dave L, Mark I, Yi Q


  • First Controls group meeting held, see controls wiki page for details, agendas, etc.
  • Collaboration meeting agenda discussed.

Plan Monitoring Histograms

Dave reported on a first draft of the planning document for line item "Plan Monitoring Histograms." Scope includes the farm processes that create the histograms through archive and display. Initial efforts concern counting house operations, but display outside the counting house included. RootSpy forms the core of the histogram collection and display system. Farm manager CODA component critical to manage histogram producers. Dave will post the draft to the DocDB soon.

DAQ Group Code Distribution

Brief discussion concerning code DAQ Group code distribition system, felt to be inadequate for use by offsite collaborators. DAQ group now supplies code to offline groups, a change from the past 15 years, where code was mostly distributed to the online systems of the three halls. Carl reported that this will be addressed in an upcoming DAQ Group meeting and an appropriate system deployed.

A side discussion concerned the use of EVIO for other than DAQ output in Hall D. EVIO is a low overhead, general purpose tree-structured binary I/O package, appropriate for many tasks other than event I/O. Simon used it to store the fine-grained B field table. It only took a handful of simple and straightforward lines of code to implement storage of the B field values. It is much simple to use EVIO than to invent your own I/O format, even for simple cases.

Controls Tasks

Hovanes briefly discussed a number of upcoming Controls group tasks, see the list above. These will be covered in detail in Controls meetings. This was just a head's up for non-experts. Many decisions have to be made on choice of EPICS packages and utilities and strategies for connecting to controls hardware. The latter requires knowledge about individual detector control systems, many of which have not been designed yet.

P3E Tasks

Elliott reported on ongoing talks with the DAQ Group concerning paying them to do some Hall D specific tasks. Alex noted they could additionally work on our trigger download, verification, archvive and monitoring system. He further noted we should collaborate with CLAS12 whenever possible, and possibly get CLAS12 to develop some components that we could use.

Coil Test Update

Elliott reported that Coil 3 developed a He to vacuum leak after being cooled to about 40 K. The coil is currently warming up and will be repaired. Cooldown and testing will resume when the Cryo group has completed a scheduled upgrade to the cryo system, some time in mid-May. This eats up much of our schedule float, as we must be out of the Test Lab in October for TEDF construction reasons.

Yi reported that the VME fast DAQ is installed and working. He is still working on the online display program...many suggestions were made as to how to transfer real time data from VxWorks to a Root-based display program on Linux.

Other Tests

  • Alex reported that the multi-crate trigger test is still on schedule, waiting for boards to arrive.
  • Bryan reported on updates to driver software.
  • Bryan also reported on successful testing of the new TI/TD boards in trigger distribution mode.
  • Beni reported nothing new on the FDC tests, other than he needs to get back into EEL 126 soon (waiting for Plant Services to clean up the room).
  • Elliott reported that racks will be delivered to EEL 126 when Fernando says the room is ready, probably within the next week or so.

Summer Projects

Elliott reported that CNU summer students will become available soon, when finals are over. They will work on the Java-based event display and on porting the CodaObject library to Java. Students compliments of Dave Heddle and Yelena Prok (CNU profs).