OWG Meeting 13-Apr-2011

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  • Counting house UPS and Telecom - Elliott
    • VOIP only, use fibers instead of copper to connect to telecom room
    • UPS outlets in hall, telecom room
    • what to connect, how long will it run, when to use portable UPS's?

  • P3E Online tasks - Elliott
    • Possible tasks for DAQ group and others
      • self-configuring readout list with database storage of crate configuration
      • farm manager CODA component
      • top-level AFECS experiment control supervisor and GUI
      • CLARA-enable DANA framework
      • convert Hall D facilities into CLARA services
      • readout/control libraries for Hall D specific modules (do we have any?)
      • implement EPICS driver using ASYN framework, e.g. for Anagate CAN gateway (Nerses?)
      • implement EPICS JavaIOC and driver using Port Driver framework (Nerses?)
      • design and prototype conditions database (Dmitry?)
      • other tasks that do not need DAQ expertise, just good programming skills
    • list of tasks and outside group expertise
    • Excel spreadsheet
    • Mantis tasks

  • Online database strategy - Mark, Dave, Elliott
    • unlike calibration database, conditions database needs many searchable columns
    • should it be run-based or time-based?
    • should we use MySql replication or clustering?
    • how to interoperate with other databases, esp. EPICS archiver database, elog, etc?
    • Proposal for an online conditions database

  • Coil test update - Elliott, Yi
    • schedule
    • VME fast DAQ system
    • Auxiliary tests

  • Other Tests - Chris, Beni
    • Multi-crate trigger test
    • FDC cosmic ray test

  • Controlling CAN systems - Elliott, Hovanes
    • FCAL bases - Anagate gateway
    • c-based IOC, JavaIOC, PCAS, ASYN framework, separate controller task?

  • Raw event format - Dave, Carl
  • Event display - Elliott, Andrew
  • Java coda object framework - Elliott
  • Controls test station - Elliott, Hovanes
  • Electronics, trigger and DAQ status reports - Chris, Alex, Dave, Fernando, Ben, Ed, William, Bryan
  • Mantis Task Tracker
  • wallet card


1:30 PM Wed 13-Apr-2011 CC F326


Next Meeting

1:30 PM Wed 27-Apr-2011 CC F326


Present: Elliott W, Simon T, Bryan M, Alex S, Hovanes E, Mark I, Chris C, Carl T, Vardan G.


Elliott reported on the status of working with the Networking and Civil groups. We'll only have VOIP phone service, and for safety the switches must be on UPS's. Telecom goes in before our big UPS arrives so temporary rack-mount UPS's will be used until the big UPS is installed and we run circuits to them.

P3E tasks

Elliott presented a number of possible Hall D specific tasks that DAQ group membes and others might do for us. See the list above. Many of the P3E database tasks cannot be done until the conditions database is designed, see below.

Conditions database

Mark presented a concept for the conditions database, see his note above.

  • Data will be stored in a single table with an id telling which type of data it is.
  • This allows for adding new types of data to the DB at will without having to modify table structures.
  • Aggregation of data prior to entry is not required, as it usually is when you need to fill a single row with many columns.
  • Mark believes a "DAQ status" tag for each entry will allow for much faster access, others think a time index is all that is needed.
  • There was much discussion concerning what should go into the conditions DB.
  • Major discussion point was whether configurations should be stored a priori in the DB, whether they get used or not.
  • Much discussion on how this DB will interoperate with the EPICS archiver and other DB's.
  • Many thought the conditions DB was not a good place to store all possible hardware configurations, rather let detector groups figure out for themselves how to create and store such configurations.
  • Dmitry may be the best person to work on this as it is the second major component of the Calibration and Conditions DataBase (CCDB). He will return in June.
  • This important topic will be revisited.

Coil test

  • Elliott reported that cooldown will likely begin in two weeks
  • The new VME fast DAQ system still needs to be commissioned.
  • SiPM's and assorted VME/VXS, LV and HV crates will be tested for proper operation at a magnetic field value expected at their location in the hall.

Other tests

Everything is on schedule for the multi-crate trigger test. The test setup will permanently remain in the Electronics lab for future debugging and board testing.

CAN control

  • We will purchase an Anagate Ethernet/CAN gateway for the controls test stand, the same device IU is currently using.
  • How best to interface the 30 CAN buses to EPICS is under internal discussion.
  • Nerses would be a great choice to work on this if we could get him.

EMU progress

Carl reported on good progress testing the event builder. After a round of optimization and bug fixes he can process simple buffers at 100 kHz.

CNU students

Elliott may have two students from Dave Heddle and one from Yelena Prok to work on Online projects. Finals are coming up so we expect no progress until the semester is over. The projects are integrating the event dispay with the JANA framework and developing a Java coda object library.


Chris reported that the GTP design is near complete and boards will be ordered soon. When they arrive we'll have everything but the TS!

Mantis task tracker

Elliott entered a few tasks into the Mantis system. When we have agreement with Graham concerning tasks for DAQ group members, they will be added.