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The Reaction Filter Plugin

The basic concept of the Reaction Filter is to define a physics reaction (by you as the analyzer) in a configuration file which in turn will be used by the ReactionFilter plugin to create a Physics Analysis Root Tree (PART). This plugin applies a Kinematic Fitter to the reconstructed charged track and neutral showers of each event based on the chosen reaction requirements.

  • An introduction to the ReactionFilter plugin can be found in this DocDB document and some information on the wiki DReaction
  • An example of how such a configuration file looks like can be found here: Create a Reaction Config File
  • Important: Generally an analysis reaction is submitted to the global analysis system administrator, by the above link, who will run the reaction over the specified data set for all submitted reactions in one go. So the user will be provided with the resulting PART files. These files will have the specified reaction in their file name.
  • This step by the administrator is called an Analysis Launch and details can be found here: Analysis Launch and Monitoring
  • The output data (PART) will be located on the cache disk system of the jlab computing system. An example of such a location is /cache/halld/RunPeriod-2018-01/analysis/ver19/. The data is discriminated by Run-Period and version the latter referring to the software version begin used.