September 21, 2022 FCAL Insert Installation Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Wednesday September 21,2022 10am At Jefferson Lab, Hall D Counting House and on Teams


Step assy.jpeg
Manifold assy.jpeg
DS platform.jpeg
FCAL upper cable trays.jpeg
FCAL BL Lower cabletrays.jpeg
FCAL BR Lower cabletrays.jpeg


  • Sasha presented an outline of his plan for lead-glass module removal, sorting and repairing.
    • Sasha suggested it would be easier to sort and handle modules if we remove all the racks
    • Chris S. and Fernando prefer not to remove the racks on the platform
    • Arshak suggested erecting a platform upstream of the FCAL platform to facilitate handling
    • Plan included 5 categories, good modules, color of module glass, pmt replace, base replace, repair wrap.
    • Malte suggested using existing bar codes to categorize, up front work needed to set up spreadsheet (Jinventory)
  • More discussions on cables
    • Fernando plans on using 400 existing signal cables from modules
    • Eugene suggested maybe get new cables if we have to abandon in place
    • Malte reminded us that some of the existing cables may be brittle and need retermination if removed from crates.
    • Still need new cable map to help with final decision of whether to remove all cables completely or just the detector end.
    • Stephanie showed layout for patch panel on downstream wall of dark room for signal cables. Cables inside would be thin cables attached to beam pipe at center and spread out to crystals
    • Signal cable config generally accepted and we will plan on this
    • May need chains with larger links or additional chain downstrean in Z of existing.
    • Need tube with larger diameter (maybe 3") for photons to cleanly pass
    • Mark S. suggested using a cable manager below beamline to carry cables in Z
  • It was suggested that the additional cable weights may be too much for the existing dark room
  • Need to discuss new crystal monitoring system and installation

Action Items

  • Continue to add detail to module removal/repair plan (Sasha)
  • Determine cable mapping of new installation to help with cable decisions (Sasha)
  • Get quote on 16" rg 174 cable with limos an barrel. (Chris S)
  • Check to see if existing dark room can handle additional cable load (Tim)
  • Look at installing a platform or scaffolding upstream of FCAL (Tim/Stephanie)