September 07, 2022 FCAL Insert Installation Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Wednesday September 07,2022 10am At Jefferson Lab, Hall D Counting House and on Teams



  • I showed the strawman schedule and then how to handle the lead glass modules. The discussion then went right into cabling, which was discussed for the duration.
  • Sasha brought up the need for categorizing the existing modules before unstacking and then keep them separate.
    • Sasha to write a plan on how to categorize and repair the modules
      • determine existing problems
      • inspect as removed and decide which bin to go into
      • determine number of bins
      • those with no issues, keep whole
    • Crates can handle around 1500 lbs
    • should modules be removed from upstream or downstream?
    • Develop space plan based on Sasha'a plan (Tim)
  • Cable discussion
    • How many new cable trays do we need (depends on plan)
    • 1600 new HV cables (through side wall patch panels)
    • 1600 new LV cables (through side wall patch panels) - ribbon cable daisy chained on inside?
    • 1200 or 1600 new signal cables depending if we reuse existing 400 cables
    • Do we remove all cables completely or just on detector end?
      • If only on one end?
        • the loose cables need to be supported and stowed somehow
        • little space left for work on platform
        • Less work for cabling folks
        • How to remove 400 existing signal cables
      • Remove cables completely?
        • Can remove racks so there is room to work on the platform
        • More work for cable folks
    • How to route and support additional cables?
      • Bring HV and LV cables from patch panel on side walls
        • Route them from top and bottom to center
      • Add additional chain in Z to handle additional cables
      • Use smaller diameter (RGA 174 (2.8mm diam.)) for signal cables?
        • Route through patch panel or connector from DS wall
        • bring along center pipe and fan out?
        • need to decide on connectors and length

Action Items

  • Make a virtual 3D Mock up of baseline (Tim and Stephanie)
    • Assume HV and LV cables come from top and bottom
    • Assume signal cables are rg174 and patch in from downstream wall
    • Assume signal cables come along center pipe and fan out to crystals
    • Get samples of wires from Chris S. to use for model
  • Develop an lead-glass module unstacking plan (Sasha)
    • Criteria for category of repairs
    • # of bins
    • repair plan
  • Get quote on RG174 cables and connectors (Chris S.)
  • Come up with cable mapping plan (Fernando)