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Andrei Semenov of University of Regina is listed as an author on the following documents:

GlueX-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
2812-v2 Re-Calibration of BCAL with Cosmics Andrei Semenov et al. Calibration
06 Oct 2018
3517-v1 Separation of Photons and Neutrons in BCAL Andrei Semenov et al. BCAL
06 Oct 2018
842-v1 BCAL Facts: What we know and how we know Alex R. Dzierba et al. BCAL
01 Jul 2017
1344-v1 Calibration of BCAL with Hadrons Andrei Semenov et al. Particle ID
Event Generator
17 Nov 2015
1178-v1 SiPMMicro PDE Report Kathryn Janzen et al. Photodetectors
28 Sep 2013
2082-v2 bcal status: mechanical, beam tests, cosmics & simulations Fernando J. Barbosa et al. Readout
08 Oct 2012
1474-v3 BCAL Dynamic Range from the Simulation with FLUKA Andrei Semenov et al. Scintillating Fibers
Photon Sensitivity
08 Sep 2011
1221-v4 Analysis of Time Information from 2006 BCAL Cosmics Runs George J. Lolos et al. BCAL
08 Sep 2011
1301-v1 Energy Resolution and Output Signals Simulation for Detailed-Structure BCAL Module Model Andrei Semenov et al. Scintillating Fibers
08 Sep 2011
1720-v1 Method to Simultaneously Illuminate both SiPMs on a BCAL Readout Cell George J. Lolos et al. Monitoring/Calibration
18 Apr 2011
1709-v1 Injection of the light from Athens micro-board LED Zisis Papandreou et al. Readout
05 Mar 2011
1366-v1 BCAL fibre quality assurance, shipments 1-5 Zisis Papandreou et al. Fibers
23 Mar 2010
845-v4 Analysis of Amplitude Information from 2006 BCAL Cosmics Runs Zisis Papandreou et al. BCAL
02 Sep 2008

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