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These documents on Particle ID simulations (subtopic of Monte Carlo) are available:

GlueX-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1344-v1 Calibration of BCAL with Hadrons Andrei Semenov et al. Event Generator
Particle ID
17 Nov 2015
1004-v5 Track Finding and Fitting in GlueX: Development Report IV David Lawrence General
Particle ID
30 Sep 2013
1400-v1 New Particle Class Structure Simon Taylor Particle ID
27 Jan 2010
732-v4 Detector Models for GlueX Monte Carlo Simulation: the CD2 Baseline Richard T. Jones Production
Particle ID
Optical Ray Tracing
23 Jan 2007
417-v7 FDC Particle Identification via dE/dX Daniel S. Carman Particle ID
27 Jun 2005
519-v1 Minutes from Drift Chamber Electronics Conference call 1 June 2005 Paul Smith Particle Tracking
Particle ID
01 Jun 2005
419-v1 Identifying K*K* events with different Cerenkov options Ryan E. Mitchell Particle ID
20 Dec 2004
414-v1 Kinematic Fitting Studies in GlueX using HDFast M. Belis et al. Particle ID
14 Dec 2004
382-v1 BCAL Resolution Study using HDFast Garth M. Huber Particle ID
12 Nov 2004
369-v1 An Overview of GlueX Particle ID Ryan E. Mitchell Particle ID
15 Oct 2004
286-v1 Status of GlueX Particle Identification Ryan E. Mitchell Acceptance
Particle ID
09 Sep 2004
48-v1 Status of the HallD PID System Gary Adams et al. Acceptance
Particle ID
22 Oct 2001
38-v1 PID Acceptance Using TOF, Cherenkov and Kinematic Fitting Gary Adams et al. Acceptance
Particle ID
10 Jul 2000
15-v1 A Study of Combined K-pi Separation Using Time of Flight Counters and a Gas Cherenkov Detector Paul M. Eugenio et al. Particle ID
06 May 1999
14-v1 A Study of Timing resolutions on Particle Identification in the Hall D Detector at Jefferson Lab Curtis A. Meyer Particle ID
01 Mar 1999
10-v1 A Straw Man Particle ID System for Hall D Jim Napolitano Particle ID
16 Oct 1998

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