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Mike Williams of Carnegie Mellon University is listed as an author on the following documents:

GlueX-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3473-v1 Machine Learning at LHCb Mike Williams Computing
31 Oct 2017
2823-v3 Focusing Box Prototype Studies Mike Williams Particle ID
09 Oct 2015
2809-v3 FDIRC Technical Design Report Fernando J. Barbosa et al. Design Report
Design Report
GlueX Physics
Particle ID
01 Oct 2015
2198-v10 An initial study of mesons and baryons containing strange quarks with GlueX Volker Crede et al. Proposal
25 Oct 2013
2041-v1 Physics Working-group Talk Mike Williams GlueX Physics
13 Aug 2012
1124-v1 Partial Wave Analysis Mike Williams PWA
19 Sep 2008
839-v1 Probabilistic Event Weighting to Separate Signal from Background M. Belis et al. Log-likelihood fitting
Amplitude Analysis
Partial Wave Analysis
06 Jul 2007
818-v1 Kinematic Fitting in CLAS Curtis A. Meyer et al. Reconstruction
02 May 2007
593-v1 PWA Formalism Mike Williams PWA
11 Feb 2006
62-v1 Gas Composition Study for the Straw Tube Chamber in the GlueX Detector at Jefferson Lab Zebulun Krahn et al. CDC
01 Nov 2002
54-v1 A Study of the Straw Tube Detector for the GlueX Detector at Jefferson Lab Zebulun Krahn et al. CDC
14 Jul 2002

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