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Exotic Mesons: Measurement Techniques, Recent Evidence and Future Searches

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Igor Senderovich
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Igor Senderovich
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11 Feb 2013, 20:01
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11 Feb 2013, 20:01
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11 Feb 2013, 20:01
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One of the most pressing current challenges in physics is understanding the Strong Interaction that dominates at sub-fermi scales. Its leading candidate theory, Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), has been successful at explaining the high-energy behavior but its solutions on the scale of hadron (e.g. proton) bound states has been elusive. In recent years, however, progress has been made in numerical calculations using "lattice QCD" and several experiments have contributed detailed data on hadron excitation spectra. The focus of this presentation will be on the light meson system, a bound state of first generation quarks, in which the excitation of the field between the quarks has been theorized. Understanding this degree of freedom as opposed to that of the quarks offers an important new contribution to understanding QCD dynamics at this scale. The evidence for these "hybrid mesons" from previous experiments will be reviewed and an overview of current efforts will be presented. The use of Partial Wave Analysis necessary to extract overlapping resonance phase and the "exotic" quantum numbers needed to identify these new excitations will be demonstrated.
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Colloquium at Catholic University of America, 2/6/2013
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